Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Leech Therapy Can Cure Breast Cancer

Leech Therapy Can Cure Breast Cancer – Leech therapy is believed to cure breast cancer. Until now there were approximately one hundred patients with breast cancer from different regions of the country, even outside the country successfully treated without surgery, just enough to undergo ‘leech therapy’ in Ismail’s central alternative medicine in Pekanbaru, Riau.

“But the truth is too hard to calculate how many breast cancer patients who seek treatment here. Estimates there are more than a hundred people and they mean well god willing,” Ismail said on Wednesday.
According to Ismail, breast cancer occurs in breast tissue that are generally owned by women. He explained that the treatment of breast cancer can be done without surgery. ”They could just by doing a ‘leech therapy’. Hopefully this way, healing is very big opportunity, “he said again.
Ismail said those who want to recover from breast cancer by doing leech therapy, will only be given a ‘recipe’ is simple and not hard to go through. “Max, there are two leeches that will be affixed to the breast with cancer. But once therapy can not directly recover,” he said.
To achieve a cure, said Ismail, require several stages of therapy. In the first stage, according to him, the patient must undergo therapy themselves as much as three times in a row.
Furthermore, according to Ismail, patients with breast can rest for three days to then conduct medical checks in hospital.
“After no results, whether or not there is a change in ‘leech therapy’, patients are advised to consume plenty of vitamins in order to return stamina,” he said.
If it turns out the doctor said that there were only insignificant changes or healing, or even no recovery at all occurred, Ismail, advise the patient back to therapy.
“Indeed, to achieve complete recovery from breast cancer, not once or only a few treatments. Keep in dozens of therapies, and hopefully if the patient is willing to be patient, the healing will come as other breast patients,” he said.
He said that, in addition to breast cancer, she also has a lot to give relief to patients with other chronic diseases including diabetes, and hypertension.
“For people with diabetes, will usually achieve a cure with a shorter time,” said Ismail.

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