Selling Leeches Live for Therapy

Selling Leeches Live for Therapy

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Selling Leeches Live for Therapy
Leeches used for the treatment is a type of hirudo species, namely hirudo medicinalis, hirudo orientalis, hirudo troctina or hirudo verbana developed in a special environment. The leech bite will usually leave a Y-shaped mark, where it will heal without a scar. Leeches have many of the following benefits, describing the list of benefits of leech therapy.

1. Treating Diabetes
Can diabetes be treated with leech therapy? An evidence has been developed that leech therapy works effectively to overcome tissue death. Death tissue is often faced by diabetics so usually doctors will suggest for amputation. The benefits of leech therapy for diabetes can help increase blood flow in body tissues that are not functioning properly. In this way the blood circulation becomes more smoothly and finally the body of the troubled diabetic becomes more normal.

2. Treating Blood Vessel Disease and Cardiovascular Disease
Different types of circulatory problems can increase the risk of diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and other types of diseases. When leech therapy is done the leech will suck the blood and release a compound containing peptide. This compound works quickly to overcome the problem of blood clotting so as to increase blood circulation in the body. People who are having wounds can also be recovered quickly through leech therapy.

3. Treating Hypertension
Leeches also contain special compounds in saliva that can help the blood pressure work system. One type of disease that most often affects middle age and the elderly is high blood pressure. To overcome this, you can do leech therapy at some point that directly works on the part of the vein.

4. Treating inflammation of internal organs
Diseases caused by inflammation can indeed invade the inside of the body. To overcome this problem, leech therapy is very effective. Leech saliva that works when the process of blood absorption from humans to leeches contains bdellins that can help the body in overcoming various inflammatory diseases. Diseases such as gastrointestinal inflammation, hepatitis and pancreatitis can be treated using leech therapy.

5. Treating Skin Diseases
Various types of skin diseases caused by fungal infections, viruses and bacteria can be cured with the benefits of leech therapy. Effectively, leech therapy can also overcome several diseases such as herpes, eczema and ulcers. Even abroad some beauty salons have used leech therapy to maintain beauty and maintain skin firmness. Leech saliva does contain a special agent to maintain the amount of collagen in the skin so it is very good to cope with various types of skin diseases.

6. Overcoming Joint Pain

The most common disease that affects the elderly is joint pain. Joint pain will usually be felt when the body does movement that involves joints such as walking, movement of positions and various activities of lifting objects. To overcome various types of this disorder can use leech therapy because leech saliva contains anti-inflammatory material that can overcome the pain in the joints.

The benefits of leeches for beauty?

During the process of face lift leeches, about 1-2 hungry leeches will be placed in your body - usually in the abdominal area around the navel - to suck your blood until full. Afterwards, doctors, or better known as hiroudotherapist, will emit fresh blood that they have consumed to then applied directly to your face.

Leech therapy for beauty is believed to improve the overall appearance of the face by tightening, flexing, glowing, and soften the skin. What is the reason?

In addition to producing various proteins, leech saliva also contains a number of lipids (fat). Lipids are important active ingredients commonly found in various skin care products. But, is there any connection between lipid production of leeches and an increase in the appearance of ideal facial skin?

Phosphatidic acid and free fatty acids occupy the largest proportion of lipids in leech saliva. The application of topical free fatty acids has been shown to affect the formation of lipids in human skin, and topical lipids have been shown to be efficacious as good conditioning and moisturizing agents (usually, these fatty acids contained in oils, which also provide moisturizing oils).

However, apart from the efficacy of leech therapy in the medical world, there is still little that can be known for sure from the role and effect of leech saliva in the cosmetic world.

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